Race Entry List

Runners are listed below ordered by surname. This list is manually updated from time-to-time – please give us time to update the list after you enter. Note your race number (when assigned) & bring it on race day. This will speed-up registration. Please check your name is on this list and that your gender, age category and team name are correct. Contact us if any details are wrong.

2023 Entry List (Updated 7th June 2023)

Alonso, Emily (F)
Antram, Helen (F50, Sandhurst Joggers (Not Affiliated))
Bailey, Jason (M50, Lonely Goat RC)
Banks, Sally (F60)
Barlow, Sharon (F50, Poole Runners)
Barnes, Donald (M50, Egdon Heath Harriers)
Barnes, Sian (F, Poole Runners)
Batchelor, Kevin (M50, Egdon Heath Harriers)
Bates, Sam (F50, Verwood Runners)
Bemment, Liz (F, Purbeck Runners)
Benham, Phil (M50, Lonely Goat RC)
Bishop, Vicky (F60, Littledown Harriers)
Blackmore, Joanna (F40, Hardley Runners)
Bolar, Belinda (F50, Purbeck Runners)
Boswell, Deborah (F60)
Broadley, Geraldine (F70)
Broadley, Mike (M70)
Brooks, Beverley (F50, Poole Runners)
Brown, Bonnie (F70, Purbeck Runners)
Brown, David (M50, Purbeck Runners)
Burns, Anton (M50, Square & Compass Trail Runners)
Burrows, Paul (M40, Dorchester RIOT)
Campbell-Smith, Robert (M50, Poole Runners)
Carter, Vicki (F40, Lytchett Manor Striders)
Chandler, Jane (F60, Poole Runners)
Child, David (M60, Westbourne R C)
Church, Mandy (F50)
Cieluszecka, Ela (F)
Cieluszecki, Jacek (M40, Bournemouth AC)
Close, Jim (M60, Rogue Snails)
Colquhoun, Sarah (F50, Purbeck Runners)
Cooper, James (M)
Cooper, Kirsty (F40, Poole Runners)
Craig, Hilary (F50, Poole Runners)
Cribb, Susan (F70)
Critchlow, Julian (M60, Purbeck Runners)
Crouden, Lindsay (F60)
Darling, Jonathan (M40)
Davies , Anne-Marie (F50)
Dawson, Mark (M50, Poole Runners)
Deane, Patricia (F70, Lonley Goat)
Delvin, Steven (M40)
Dinsdale, Eleanor (F, Team #runFAR)
Dormer-Woolley , Karen (F50, Purbeck Runners)
Downes, Carla (F, Poole Runners)
Downes, Sean (M50, Poole Runners)
Downes, Susan (F50)
Drozdowski, Tracey (F40, Poole Runners)
Durley-White, Sarah (F40)
Elliott, Kaitlyn (FJ)
Evans, Jasmin (F, Dorchester RIOT)
Farion, Jolene (F40, Royal Manor Of Portland AC)
Fawcitt, Joshua (M)
Fawcitt, Luke (MJ)
Fawcitt, Oliver (MJ)
Fern, Darrell (M50, Warminster )
Fielding, Daniel (M40)
Foote, Johnathan (M40)
Frampton, Marion (F60, Poole Runners)
Frampton, Robert (M60, Poole Runners)
Fraser, Keith (M70, Poole Runners)
Freeman, Charlotte (F)
Friasrobles, Tammy (F40, Poole AC)
Ghabaeee, Khalil (M60, Poole Runners)
Godden, James (M, Poole Runners)
Godden, Joe (M40, Poole Runners)
Goldsack, Liz (F50, Purbeck Runners)
Goodwin, Lucie (F40, Lonely Goat RC)
Graham , Ray (M60)
Green, Andy (M40)
Grimsdale, Martin (M60, Purbeck Runners)
Grist, Nathan (M, Lonely Goat)
Guerrier, Helen (F, Poole Runners)
Guppy, Christina (F)
Hale, Andy (M40, Purbeck Runners)
Hale, Richard (M70, Axe Valley Runners. )
Hall, Emma (F, Lychett Manor Striders)
Hall, Steve (M)
Hancock, Emma (F40)
Hanson, Ryan (M, Poole Runners)
Harris, Paul (M50, Crawley AC)
Harrison, Rebecca (F, Poole Runners)
Hart, Nicola (F)
Haughey, Terry (M70, Poole Runners)
Haynes, Elizabeth (F)
Hepple, Jason (M50, Poole Runners)
Herbert, Pete (M50)
Hewitt, Debbie S (F50, Egdon Heath Harriers)
Hinkley, Emily (F, Dorchester Riot)
Hodson, David (M60, Purbeck Runners)
Hodson, Jayne (F50, Purbeck Runners)
Holland, Angela (F50, Poole Runners)
Holt, Charlotte (F, Dorchester RIOT)
Hughes, Gareth (M)
Ives, Jacqui (F40)
Ives, Judy (F60, Rogue Snails)
Jempson , Laura (F, Lonely Goat RC)
Johnson, Craig (M)
Johnson, David (M60)
Johnson, Frances (F50, Egdon Heath Harriers)
Kellaway, Annette (F50, Oakdale Runners)
Lavender, Amy (F)
Lawson, Kelly (F, Poole Runners)
Lee, Ellie (F, Bournemouth Joggers)
Lee, Ruby (F)
Lees, Elizabeth (F60, Poole Runners)
Lees-Smith, Ben (M, Poole Runners)
Leigh, Rob (M40)
Leonard, Sylvia (F60, Purbeck Runners)
Leslie, Ian (M60, Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC)
Lewis, Tierra (F, Poole Runners )
Linford, Jackie (F60)
Looker, Sandra (F50, Lonely Goat RC)
Love, Anne (F50, Littledown Harriers)
Maidment , Allan (M40)
Mann, David (M50)
Marshall, Jenny Lee (F, Purbeck Runners)
Matthews , Colin (M50)
Matthews, Jack (M)
Matthews, Lisa (F50)
Matthews, Sarah (F50, Egdon Heath Harriers)
Matthews, Simon (M50)
Meineck, Dan (M40, Lytchett Manor Striders)
Meineck, Dan (M40, Lytchett Manor Striders)
Merrett, Emily (F)
Merrett, Tracey (F50)
Michie, Katie (F40)
Mills, Rob (M50, Poole Runners)
Mitchell, Karen (F50, Dorchester RIOT)
Mitchell, Steven (M50, City Of Salisbury AC & RC)
Morgans, Jesse (M)
Morris, Virginie (F40, Dorchester RIOT)
Mullett, Lee (M50)
Murray, Hamish (M70, Purbeck Runners)
Murray, Stewart (M40)
Newton, Geoff (M70, Bournemouth AC)
Nixey, Susie (F50)
Norman, Joy (F60, Purbeck Runners)
Owens, Chris (M50)
Palmer, Thomas (M, Purbeck Runners)
Palmer, Tracey (F50)
Parker-Harris, Maria (F)
Parrott, Geoff (M70, Westbourne R C)
Parsons, Ian (M40)
Peddle, Mark (M40, Poole Runners)
Pennington, Tim (M60)
Perrin, Sean (M50, Bad Boy Running Club)
Peters, George (M, Dorchester RIOT)
Philps, Anna (F, Purbeck Runners)
Pike, Jeannette (F50, Hamworthy Harriers)
Pilkington, Melanie (F40)
Powell, Charlotte (F40)
Preston, Zak (M, Bournemouth AC)
Print, Ben (M50, Lytchett Manor Striders)
Pritchard, Jonathan (M)
Puddy, Sarah (F40)
Ream, Nicki (F50, Poole Runners)
Redford, Jimmy (M40, Poole Runners)
Richmond, Chris (M40)
Richmond, Gabi (F40, Tipsy Trotters)
Rickard, Kate (F, Poole Runners)
Rogers, Paul (M40, RunFar)
Rollett, Eleanor (F50, Dorchester RIOT)
Roser, Darren (M40)
Ryan, Carmel (F50, Bournemouth Joggers)
Samways, Maria (F40, Poole Runners)
Sarah, Foley (F40)
Saunders, Amy (F, NA)
Saunders, Anne (F60, Dorchester RIOT)
Saunders, Mark (M40, Egdon Heath Harriers)
Sayers, James (M40)
Scott, Gemma (F)
Sell, Martin (M50, Poole AC)
Skilton, John (M50)
Smith, Andrew (M50, Bournemouth Cycle Works )
Smith, Colin (M70, South West Veterans AC)
Smith, Graham (M40, Dorchester RIOT)
Smith, Martin (M50, Lytchett Manor Striders)
Smith, Matt (M)
Snarey, Philip (M)
Snook, Jerry (M50)
Sparks, Nicky (F50)
Spicer, Beccy (F40, Purbeck Runners)
Staples, Peter (M40)
Statham, Kirsten (F50, Verwood Runners)
Stokes, Maggie (F50, Westbourne R C)
Strange, Abigail (F40)
Swift, Sarah (F50, Poole Runners)
Symes, Bev (F40)
Symes, David (M)
Tandy, Alex (F)
Tanner, Rachel (F50)
Tanner, Richard (M50)
Tedds , Thomas (M40)
Thomas, Ben (M)
Thomas, Kiri (F40)
Thomas, Lee (M40)
Thompson, Megan (F, Poole Runners)
Todoran, Daniel (M40)
Tomlin, Emma (F40)
Trowbridge, Kevin (M50)
Tulodziecki, Helene (F50, Verwood Runners)
Turnley, Jayne (F50, Purbeck Runners)
Underwood , Ian (M70)
Unitt-Jones, Neal (M50)
Wallace, George (M70)
Wallace, Susan (F60)
Watson, Mark (M50, Square & Compass Trail Runners)
Weaver, Josie (F40, Lytchett Manor Striders)
Weaver, Tony (M50, Lytchett Manor Striders)
Wells, Robert (M50, Hardley Runners (Not Affiliated))
Whitbourn , Sarah (F50, Team #runFAR)
Whitbourn, Sarah (F50)
Wilding, Paul (M60, Lytchett Manor Striders)
Williams, Mike (M40)
Williams, Roy (M60, Poole Runners)
Winthrop , Scott (M50)
Wolstenhulme , Ameila (F)
Wood, Clare (F40, Poole Runners)
Wood, David (M40, Poole Runners)
Wood, Joe (M)
Woolley, Jeffrey (M60, Purbeck Runners)