2022 Entry List

Please note your race number (when assigned) & bring it on race day. This will speed-up registration. Also, check your name is on this list and that your gender, age category and team name are correct. Contact us if any details are wrong.

The latest entry list can be found on our entry website: https://coombekeynes10k.fullonsport.com/event/ck10k-2022/participants

Runners and team names as of 2nd May:

Ainsley, Lee Monquay (Lee Monquay)
Ankers, Jonathan
Antram, Helen (Sandhurst Joggers (Not Affiliated))
Austin, Louiss (Littledown Harriers)
Bailey, Jason (Lonely Goat Rc)
Barrow, Kirsty (Lytchett Manor Striders)
Bartlett, Anna (Purbeck Runners)
Beecroft, Debra (Team #runFAR)
Begg, Lucy
Begg, Simon
Bell, Lewis (Lytchett Manor Striders)
Benham, Philip (Team #runFAR)
Berry, Christopher (Verwood Runners)
Bishop, Vicky (Littledown Harriers)
Bliss, Julie (Team #runFAR)
Bliss, Matt
Bliss, Simon (Poole AC)
Bolar, Belinda (Purbeck Runners)
Bones, Chloe (Oakdale Runners)
Bones, Lisa (Oakdale Runners)
Bonner, Moira
Bowles, Steven (Purbeck Runners)
Bradley, Julia (Team #runFAR)
Bradley, Paul (Team #runFAR)
Bradstock, Harriet (Team #runFAR)
Bradstock, Lee
Brooker, Matt (Lytchett Manor Striders)
Brooks, Beverley (Poole Runners)
Brown, Matthew (Littledown Harriers)
Buckwell, Nicola (Verwood Runners)
Bullen, Wendy
Burden, Ewan (Team #runFAR)
Burns, Anton (Square & Compass Trail Runners)
Burrows, Paul (Dorchester RIOT)
Byrne, Craig (Littledown Harriers)
Campbell Smith, Robert (Poole Runners)
Campbell, Melanie
Carter, Vicki (Lytchett Manor Striders)
Casey, Karen (Team #runFAR)
Cave, Ginny (Poole Runners)
Child, David (Westbourne R C)
Church, Mandy
Clarke, Stuart (Littledown )
Claxton, Steve (Poole Runners)
Close, Jim (Rogue Snails)
Constable, Anne (Team #runFAR)
Craig, Hilary (Poole Runners)
Creasey, Rebecca
Cribb, Susan
Critchlow, Julian (Purbeck Runners)
Cuthbert, Carolyn (Team #RunFAR)
Daly, Rita (Team #RunFAR)
Davey, Jelena (Coombe Keynes 10k)
Davies, Paula (Team #runFAR)
Davison, Bronwen (Dorchester RIOT (Not Affiliated))
Davison, Robert (Dorchester RIOT)
Dawson , Mark (Poole Runners)
Dinsdale, Eleanor (Team #runFAR)
Dobson, Melanie
Dobson, Mike
Dormer Woolley, Karen (Purbeck Runners)
Doubleday, Robert (Poole AC)
Downes, Esther (Poole Runners)
Downes, Sean (Poole Runners)
Dreifuss, Lawrence (Team #runFar)
Dyble, Liz (Westbourne R C)
Dyble, Neil (Westbourne R C)
Eames, Kirsty
Elford, Rachel (Lytchett Manor Striders)
Elsdon, Danielle
England, Jane
Euripides, Panikkos (me myself and I)
Evans, Shannon (Poole Runners)
Everett, Mark (Littledown Harriers)
Ferguson, Calum (Team #runFAR)
Flatley, Richard (Littledown Harriers)
Forward, Carly (Dorchester RIOT)
Fraser, Keith (Poole Runners)
Friasrobles, Tammy (Poole Athletic Club)
Fry, Samantha (Purbeck Runners)
Gates, Laura (Team #RunFAR)
Genco, Sara (Littledown Harriers (Not Affiliated))
Geyser, Annette (Oakdale Runner)
Goodwin, Lucie (Lonely Goat RC)
Gosling, Julie (Wimborne AC)
Graham , Ray (Run Happy Dorset )
Gregory, Karen (Poole AC)
Gregory, Steven (Poole AC)
Grewcock, Clive (Westbourne R C)
Grice, Carl
Grimsdale, Martin (Purbeck Runners)
Grist, Nathan (Lonely Goat)
Guerrier, Helen (Poole Runners)
Hall, Emma (Lychett Manor Striders)
Halstead, Adam
Halstead, Samantha (Littledown Harriers)
Hardy, Maria (Team #runFAR)
Harford, Shelley (Team #runFAR)
Harris , Tracy (Oakdale Runners )
Harris, Phil (Oakdale Runners)
Harrison, Rebecca (Poole Runners)
Harrison, Stephen (Team #runFAR)
Haughey, Terry (poole runners)
Hawkins, Adam (Yeovil Town RRC)
Hawkins, Carly (Maverick Run Project)
Hawkins, Colin (Maverick Run Project)
Hawkins, Corinne (Yeovil Town RRC)
Haywood, Nigel (Purbeck Runners)
Hazelgrove, Richard (Royal Manor Of Portland AC)
Heal, Aileen (Axe Valley Runners)
Hendersonbishop, Emma (Poole Athletic Club)
Hepple, Jason (Poole Runners Poole Runners)
Herdman, Laurence
Hodson, David (Purbeck Runners)
Hodson, Jayne (Purbeck Runners)
Hooper, Michael (#runfar)
Howell, Antonia (Team #runFAR)
Howell, Rebecca (Team #runFAR)
Howells, Glyn (Team #runFAR)
Hudson, Martin (Littledown Harriers)
Hurley, William (BVR)
Huxter , Nicholas (Team #runFAR)
Ives, Jacqui (Run Happy Dorset )
Ives, Judy (Rogue Snails)
Janes, Suzanne (Littledown Harriers)
Johnson , Alexander
Johnson, David
Jurd, Mike (Wimborne AC)
Jurd, Sandra
Keeling, Rachel
Kellaway, Annette (Oakdale Runners)
Kelly, Jeremy (Littledown Harriers)
Kermeen, Amelia (Woking AC)
Kermeen, Geoff (Lonely Goat)
Laidlaw, Claire (Oakdale Runners)
Langford, Daniel
Law, Faye (Poole Runners)
Lees, Elizabeth (Poole Runners)
Lees-Smith, Ben (Poole Runners)
Leonard, Sylvia (Purbeck Runners)
Lett, Helen (Oakdale runners )
Lewis, Craig (Craig Lewis)
Lewis, Howard (Poole Runners)
Liggins, Amanda (Team #RunFAR)
Lillywhite, Amy (Team #RunFAR)
Linford, Jackie
Long, Isabella
Maidment , Allan (Team #runFAR)
Mansell, Wendy (Purbeck Runners)
Marshall, Andrea (Lytchett Manor Striders)
Marshall, Jenny Lee (Purbeck Runners)
Marshall, Thomas
Meates , Kelly (Square & Compass Trail Runners)
Miles, Michelle (Oakdale Runners)
Miller, Chris (Purbeck Runners (Not Affiliated))
Mills, Andrew (Poole AC)
Mills, Trisha (Poole AC)
Mills, Yvonne (Team #runFAR)
Moore, Cathy (Team #runFAR)
Moore, Sean (Team #runFAR)
Morgan, Sue (Team #RunFAR)
Morphew, Fiona (Team #runFAR)
Morris, Virginie (Dorchester RIOT)
Mulford, Colin (Team #runFAR)
Mulford, Helen (Team #RunFAR)
Munford, Clare (Dorchester RIOT)
Murray, Stewart (Stewart Murray)
Napier, Fiona
Neesom, Gus (Westbourne R C)
Nesbitt, Helen
Newson, Mark (Honiton RC)
Newton, Geoff (Tadworth AC)
Nicholson, Naomi (Team #RunFAR)
Nixey, Billy (Dorchester Athletics )
Nixey, Susie
Oliver , Ruth (Oakdale Runners )
Ozdemir, Esref (Poole Runners)
Packer, Mark (Littledown Harriers)
Page, Tim (Square and Compass Trail Runners )
Parrott, Geoff (Westbourne R C)
Parry , Joanne (Team #runFAR)
Peddle, Mark (Lonely Goat RC)
Perrett, Adam (Morning runners)
Perrett, Sarah (Morning runners)
Perrin, Sean (Poole Runners)
Poingdestre, Elizabeth (Square & Compass Trail Runners)
Reynolds, Grainne (Team #runFAR)
Richards, David (Unaffiliated)
Richards, Harley (Team #runFAR)
Rickard, Kate
Risk, Emma (Purbeck Runners)
Ritchie, David (Poole AC)
Ritchie, Vanya (Poole AC)
Rodiger, Christian (Littledown Harriers)
Rogers, Paul (Team #runFAR)
Rogers, Rebecca (Lytchett Manor Striders)
Rollett, Eleanor (Dorchester RIOT)
Rosewarn-Barnes, Joanne (Oakdale Runners)
Ruffer, Dily (Littledown Harriers)
Samuels, Laura (Team #RunFAR)
Saunders, Anne (Dorchester RIOT)
Sell, Martin (Poole Athletic Club)
Seymour, Michelle (Team #runFAR)
Shaw, Sharon (Lonely Goat)
Shepheard Walwyn, Julie
Simmons, Noelle (Wimbledon Windmilers)
Skinner, Reuben (Poole AC)
Slade, Julia (Dorset Doddlers)
Smith, Freddie (NO CLUB )
Smith, Harry (Not affiliated)
Snarey, Philip
Sorton, Andy (Poole Runners)
Sparks, Paul (Team #runFAR)
Spelman, Corinne (Littledown Harriers)
Spicer, Beccy (Purbeck Runners)
Spirling, Lucy (Purbeck Runners)
Squibb, Lorraine (Team #runFAR)
Squibb, Mark (Team #runFAR)
Stanzel, Caroline (Poole Runners)
Statham, Kirsten (Verwood runners)
Stevens, Brett (Poole AC)
Stokes, David (Littledown Harriers (Not Affiliated))
Stonier, Claire (Team #runFAR)
Strange, Abigail
Street, Victoria
Struck, Cheryl (Poole AC)
Stuppell, Bryn (Team #runFAR)
Sullivan, Clare
Summers, Chris (Petts Wood Runners)
Sweet, Katie (Team #runFAR)
Szulecka, Agata (NO CLUB)
Taylor, Mike (Hindon Rotten Runners)
Taylor, Sharon (Littledown Harriers)
Temple-Edwards, Janet (Oakdale Runners)
Terry, Mike (Littledown Harriers)
Thatcher, Simon (Littledown Harriers)
Thomas, Steve (Littledown Harriers )
Timmins, Rian (Littledown Harriers)
Titley, Philippa
Titley, Ryan
Tucker, Caroline (Team #runFAR)
Tucker, Keith (Team #runFAR)
Tulodziecki, Helene (Verwood Runners)
Turle, Paul (Littledown Harriers (Not Affiliated))
Turner, Lee
Underwood , Ian
Vaughan, Jon (Team #RunFAR)
Vincent, Barry (City of Salisbury)
Wadeson, Jan (Morning Runners)
Wainwright, Victoria (Team #runFAR)
Warr, Josie (Dorchester RIOT)
Watson, Mark
Watts, Andrew
Weaver, Josie (Lytchett Manor Striders)
Weaver, Tony (Lytchett Manor Striders)
Whitaker, Richard
Whitbourn , Sarah (Team #runFAR)
White, Christopher
White, Nicky (Team #RunFAR)
Wilding, Paul (Lytchett Manor Striders)
Wilkinson, Jason (Poole Runners)
Williams , Dave (Team #runFAR)
Williams, Nathan (Lonely Goat Running Club)
Williams, Samantha (Lonely Goat RC (Not Affiliated))
Williams, Stephen (Littledown Harriers)
Williams, Tony
Wilson, David (Littledown Harriers)
Windebank, Jim (Poole Runners)
Winthrop , Scott
Woolley, Jeffrey (Purbeck runners)
Worrall, Natasha
Young, Aaron (Team RunFAR )
Young, Sarah (Team RunFAR )